How do we Inspire?

How do we Inspire?

All great men and women started with a spark in their life that helped transform them to great stature.
This can be seen repeatedly in history be it Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Steve Jobs, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Mother Theresa. They were all visionaries, they all dreamed things that were unimaginable by common masses, yet they achieved for a greater cause of humanity.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

They were not only creative geniuses but also had shown tremendous qualities of leadership, entrepreneurship, perseverance and above all touched several million lives on earth and changed the way we live on earth!
Can we instill such creativity, leadership , entrepreneur skills to our children? We believe we can and inside every child lies a Humongous potential waiting to be honed and ready to sprout. It needs careful nurture and right environment for it to grow into a huge stature.
Similar to a small acorn seed, they look simple and initially does not look powerful, but which when planted on perfect soil which has nutrients for growth, exposed to optimal sunlight and cared with correct amount of water, would grow into a huge oak tree that gives shade, stands tall and provides for the improvement of the environment.
Children are these acorns with huge potential lying within them awaiting to be nurtured and grown to contribute not just to their families but to the society at large.
We believe these great men should no longer be created by a spark, rather be deliberately engineered to become great, by providing the right exposure and teaching them several critical skills that is required to be the greats!
The workshop is one of our first effort to provide an engineered environment, testing if it can kindle the very same qualities in children to bring our their creative geniuses, nurturing them to the path of leadership, giving them a taste of entrepreneurship, productization , marketing so as to hone them towards the path of greats!

The Gist

The workshop we have engineered has certain innate nature and has been designed in a specific order to kindle creativity, embrace discipline and to expose them towards several critical entrepreneurial, leadership, productization, marketing skills. Learning through doing instills in them ideas that would stay learned as like learning the balance of the cycle. While the workshop provides fun in the journey, the activities are designed in an order to instill key skills to sprout in them.

These skills that they would learn would seem ordinary in nature for unexamined eyes. While they continue to attend these workshops, it would give them a compounding learning experience that is bound to make a lasting impact of positivity, creativity while leaving them with a sense of calm confidence and accomplishment.

Workshop would help hone the following skills:

  • Practice to visualize ideas and help them be creative.
  • Transform the visualized idea into reality.
  • Work as a team and appreciate other humans around.
  • Imbibe good Morals and social skills.
  • Hone your entrepreneurial skills to sell your finished product in an exhibit.

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